Water crises in a water-rich country: case studies from rural watersheds of Nepal’s mid-hills
  • Anup Gurunga, Sanot Adhikari, Raju Chauhan, Sudeep Thakuri, Selina Nakarmi, Sarita Ghale, Bhawani S. Dongol and Deepak Rijal
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Water Policy
The ground survey revealed that most of the rural communities in the mid-hills have an unreliable water supply. According to the local stakeholders, 20–25% of water resources have dried up as compared to 20 years ago. Drying up of water resources disproportionately affects women and girls in rural areas as women are responsible for household chores, including fetching drinking water. The findings also revealed that low-income households bear a disproportionate coping burden as compared to elite groups, as they often engage in coping strategies such as collecting water from distant water sources, which is labor- and time-intensive, and also yields smaller quantities of water.

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