Hydropower plant scheme

Water, with its kinetic energy as it flows, has tremendous power to generate hydroelectricity. Nepal has been argued to be one of the richest countries in the world to have freshwater resources. Nepal's four major river basins; Koshi, Narayani, Karnali and Mahakali along with other several basins scattered around the country hold almost 146000 square kilometers of the catchment area with an average discharge of 7000 meters square per second. The data itself reveals the country’s potential to produce hydro-electricity. Studies carried out by different agencies and organizations have different values for hydro-electricity potential of Nepalese rivers but only a portion of the potential has been converted into real power. However, various projects are under construction or are just ready to operate, so the total amount of electricity the country has been producing in the last decade is to go up as these larger projects come into play. Currently, Nepal is producing around 1250 megawatt (MW) hydroelectricity although it is a very lower fraction of what could have been produced.