Environmental Policies

The Parliament enacted the Environment Protection Act, 2076 (2019) (the “Act”) on July 19th, 2019. As a result, the earlier Environment Protection Act, 2053 (1997) (the “1997, Act”) is now repealed. It   One of the main features of the Act in contrast to the 1997 Act, is that it mandates several compliances to Project Developers while developing a Proposal of a Project, to ensure that the implementation of the project does not harm the environment. The Act has also redefined certain terms so that the definitions are more comprehensive. For instance, “Pollution” has been redefined so as to include waste, chemical, heat, sound, electronic, electronic magnet or radioactive radiation that significantly degrade, damage the environment or harm the beneficial or useful purpose of the environment by changing the environment directly or indirectly. 

Different plans and policies are being made by the government as well as a non-governmental organizations.

  • Nepal will accelerate adaptation by implementing the National Environment Policy (2019),
  •  National Climate Change Policy (2019),
  • Environment Protection Act (2019), 
  • Environment Protection Regulation (2020),