Tribhuvan University’s Central Department of Environmental Science (CDES-TU) is a well-recognized department within Nepal’s largest and oldest university with a mission to advance human knowledge, awareness, and protection of the environment. In pursuance of this mission, CDES-TU provides the highest level of teaching and research on environmental issues, fosters scientific inquiries and innovation, informs policy debate, disseminates information, and increases awareness of environmental sustainability in Nepal and globally. CDES-TU offers academic courses in environmental sciences as well as expert services to various Governments of Nepal, multi-lateral organizations, and non-government organizations. CDES-TU has implemented projects with support from the U.S. Agency for International Development, European Union, United Nations Development Programme, World Wildlife Fund, and International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, among others. Based on its high-quality research outcomes, the University Grant Commission awarded CDES the “Best Performing Department” in 2018. In addition to its strong networks with donors and international agencies, CDES-TU collaborates regularly with other academic institutions within the country and internationally.